Brouwerij Hoop


Amsterdam is a cosmopolitical city, which breathes creativity and an atmosphere of departure. Since ancient times people from all over the world meet here.

When ever an international trend hit european shore first, this was probably in Amsterdam. It´s no wonder that in the last few years Amsterdam became a hot spot of the european craft brewing scene. Fertile soil for openminded brewers who dare to think outside the box - and that´s just the kind of guys you´ll find in Amsterdams north, at the Brouwerij Hoop.

Creativity is but one side of the story for Hoop, beer quality is the other essential and so the 20hl Caspary Brewhouse, which we commissioned in 2016, is their testemony to high end beer  - despite what freakin` new ingrediences they come up with. 

Scope of performance

  • 20hl brewhouse
  • high-quality stainless steel installations 
  • turnkey – including installation, commissioning & joint first brew
  • layout for specialty beers

contact address

Hoop | Lagedijk 69-73 | 1544 BC Zaandijk | Niederlande
Tel.: +31 - 75 204 7004 |