Pub brewery

Concepts with experience value.

Caspary is a pioneer where integral success concepts for pub breweries are concerned. With our brewery roots and our groundbreaking invention of the pub brewery in 1982, we certainly know what counts: reliable state-of-the-art brewery installations that produce individual beers of the very best quality, equipment and interior furnishings that meet the highest aesthetic demands and create a unique atmosphere plus the perfect interaction of all elements that ensures a visit to your pub will be an unforgettable experience.

We see ourselves as a manufacturer of breweries and a supplier of turnkey solutions. From the needs analysis, the development of the gastronomic concept and interior design to the construction, transport, delivery and installation as a complete turnkey system and on to include extensive consultation services and service offers after the opening – competent, personal support over the entire process of creating your pub brewery and beyond are all a matter of course for us. Our goal: your long-term success as a pub brewery. A goal to which we commit ourselves anew every day.

Our products

For beer quality without compromise.

Long-lasting. Flexible. Energy-efficient. These are criteria that brewery installations must fulfil if your pub brewery is to be a lasting success. Caspary pub breweries are constructed consistently in line with these aspects. Our systems offer you great flexibility in the brewing of different types of beer or the launching of new beers. State-of-the-art mash, lauter, boiling and whirlpool equipment ensures reliable operation and best beers with a consistent taste. Generously dimensioned units master even the challenges of the future. And the continuous further development of our products offers gives you the chance to respond to new beer trends in good time.


Caspary project planning.

A one-stop solution – Caspary realises its pub brewery as a complete project, in which all the individual steps from analysis to commissioning are planned and supported by our committed, experienced project teams. Your benefit: assured quality from A to Z and realisation that is in time and on budget. 

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