Beer Forum St. Petersburg

The Beer Forum in St. Petersburg was a complete success. About 100 brewers from all over Russia discussed many topics related to the theme beer.

On April 2nd ended in St. Petersburg the Beer Forum. Russian but also many German companies healed lectures around the beer. About 100 participants, mostly brewer or brewmaster discussed the theme, beers and breweries were tested visited (such as Karl and Friedrich).

From the company Caspary came Rudolf Caspary and Steffen Schlauske, they gave lectures and were part of many good talkings.

New! Special yeasts:
Presented by Caspary cooperation with the Weihenstephan yeast bank in Russia was very well received. Starting today, anyone interested can order best and special yeasts. Find out more here.

Weat  Caspary want to thank all for the very successful event and look forward to seeing you again soon.