New Alpenhaus in St. Petersburg

Gratulation to the Opening!

The Karl&Friedrich in St. Petersburg is and was a great destination for every kind of fun you can imagine: great brewery, restaurant, zoo, fishing, ... Now exidently somebody build the new Zenit St. Petersburg football stadium with space for 68.000 fans right next to it. Since the Karl&Friedrich building has reached its limits after some tank enlargements, a new building was set up. And what a building! We equiped the new "Alpenhaus" with a complete new fermentation cellar, three 20hl dispensing tanks and a complete machine room - maybe you remember, Santa did the mounting for us short before Christmas. To get brewmaster Alexeys tasty wort from the brewery to the new building, about 50 meters away, a beautiful pipe bridge was build and equipped with isolation and heating to be safe for Russian winters. To the big opening party on 15.02.2018 the Casparys had the honor to be special guests and handed over an "Ehrenscheibe" to owner Michael Feigelman - that already found its place beside the tanks. One week later the Alpenhaus and Karl&Friedrich were stacked full with football fans that enjoyed a great pre and after show together with some great fresh brewed. No wonder that Zenit won 3:0 against Celtic Glasgow at that day.

Alpenhaus innen
Party - Stimmung
Übergabe der Ehrenscheibe an Natalia & Michail Feigelman
Zenit Stadium