Biergarten Munhell


The core business of the company “MPK Chernyshovoy” is the production and distribution of meat products in the region of Lipetsk. In the year 2015 the owners decided to expand their range to include high-quality German beer.

The aim was also to realise this project as quickly as possible, so the building and the brewery were planned and built in just a few months. Caspary planned the size and layout of the building for this project in addition to the brewery itself.

Thanks to good project planning and a great deal of weekend work it was possible to produce the first brew together as early as January 2016. The business proved a great success from the very outset.

Scope of performance

  • 20 hl brewhouse
  • 4.500 hl yearly capacity
  • with KEG- and bottlefilling 
  • Incl. planning of the building
  • Turnkey – including installation, commissioning & joint first brew

Contact address

Konditersky Dom Chernyshevoy | Lipetsk region | Kazinka village 

Vostochnaya uliza 14.| Russland | Tel. +7(4742)39-73-73