Hoop - лучшая пивоварня 2017 по версии Rate Beer

Пивоварня Hoop от Caspary - "лучшая новая пивоварня в Нидерландах"!

Congratulations to Brewery Hoop in Zaandijk near Amsterdam!!! And the best thing about it: you can visit them whenever you want! Even if you are not registered for a guided tour, you can see most parts of the brewery from the restaurant right beside it and enjoy their delicious beer and food! As if that were not enough you can afterwards have a walk through Zaandijk, a beautiful village which is simultaneous a huge open-air museum with buildings of the 17th century. The brewery is located right in the middle of it.

Поздравляем пивоварню Hoop, расположенную неподалеку от Амстердама! Эту пивоварню можно увидеть даже без персональной экскурсии, просто посетив фирменный ресторан!