Beer finesse from the Eiswerk Silver Medal for Comet Ale

Beers from Martin Zuber are becoming ever more popular .... and so it was no wonder: silver medal for "Comet Ale”!

The award was presented at the 1st Meininger´s International Craft Beer Award 2014 in the category "Dark Strong Ale".

Colour: chocolate
Head: Fine-pored, creamy and cappuccino coloured 
Aroma: fruity ale aromas, ingrained in bilberry and wild berry aromas and nuances of strawberry and plum, combined with a pleasant note of malt and light roasted aromas, a truly aromatic temptation. 
Taste: First it tingles and then spreads creamily in the mouth; a beer speciality with intensive malt and berry nuances already hinted at in the aroma. Pleasantly warming, Comet Ale has an agreeably smooth finish and leaves a slightly lingering bitterness. 

Alcohol content:  Alc. 6.8% Vol 
Original wort: 16.5 % 
Drinking temperature: approx. 8-10° C

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