The Brauerei im Eiswerk is truly one of a kind in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. It is the smallest Paulaner craft brewery and has set its sights on sharing its dedication and passion for the skill of brewing with other beer connoisseurs and to experience beer culture in all its diversity. (Link: Philosophy of the Brauerei im Eiswerk) The Brauerei Eiswerk was built with the aim of creating a platform for seminars and specialities or rather as a pilot brewery for experimenting with new recipes and beers. Today the initiator of the brewery Martin Zuber is the Managing Director and head brewmaster. Together with Tanja Leidgschwendner he brews unique beers. Not only do these beers continuously win awards, they also enchant the inhabitants living around the Eiswerk indulging them with their fine, aromatic taste. Due to its great popularity, the brewery was expanded just 2 years after it opened. In order to underscore its claim of “sharing the passion for brewing beer with other beer connoisseurs”, the Eisenwerk regularly offers beer tasting sessions, beer brewing courses and a "Beer & Aroma Experience”.

Scope of Performance

  • brewery construction according to customers wishes
  • 1,25 hl brewhouse
  • complete brewery with open fermentation
  • mounting in the historical ice factory building

Contact address

Brauerei im Eiswerk GmbH | Ohlmüllerstraße 44 | 81541 München | Germany | currently closed

Martin Zuber

Managing Director & first brewmaster about Caspary

We associate the skilled art of brewing and top quality with the 'Brauerei im Eiswerk'. This was also a key factor in the selection of the brewery system. We found the right partner in this respect in the company Caspary, who responded flexibly to our all wishes. I am looking forward to continuing the good cooperation.

Martin Zuber

History of the Eiswerk

The Eiswerk from Carl von Linde

The "beer society" in Bavaria and the whole of Germany underwent its own revolution in 1870: the German engineer Carl von Linde invented the first "ice machine" that was able to keep beer sufficiently cool all year round. Before this it had been prohibited to brew beer from 24th April to 29th September.
In the year 1880 Carl von Linde bought the Spießmühle am Auer Mühlbach next to the Paulaner Brewery together with the associated water rights through the Society for Lindes Ice Machines that he had founded in Wiesbaden. The installation of the water turbine and cooling system followed one year later in 1881, this enabled the production of 80 tons of ice blocks on just one day.
This innovative technology brought the Paulaner Brewery the great advantage of being able to brew all year round. In 1965 the ice generator was converted for use as a room cooling system before finally being taken out of operation six years later - after almost 90 years of service.
Today the rooms of the listed building with the oldest ice machine in the world, which was completely restored in the year 2000, is used for special events and guided tours of the brewery.