Mittenwald, Germany

The Karwendel mountain range near Garmisch is not only an imposing two-thousand metre massif, but also a scenic gem. The journey leads through the picturesque, hilly foothills of the Alps to Mittenwald at the foot of the Karwendel. Here you can either take the cable car or - for those with stamina - climb the 2244 metres on foot.
From up there, a spectacular panorama opens up, inviting you to go hiking in summer and skiing on the famous and challenging Dammkar descent in winter.
The Karwendelbahn has transformed the mountain station into a unique jewel without interfering with nature. In addition to the breathtaking views, the mountain station offers a wonderful restaurant, a schnapps distillery, super-friendly service and home-brewed beer from its own brewery at 2244 metres above sea level.
For us at Caspary, who live in the foothills of the Alps ourselves, it was an extraordinary experience to build the highest brewery in Europe at this breathtaking location in the world, making fresh Bavarian beer of the highest quality available at 2244 metres above sea level.
A visit to Bavaria would not be complete without tasting a beer in this extraordinary place.

performance spectrum

  • Compact grist mill with control system, integrated into the brewhouse control
  • Pressure and dispensing tanks for perfect beer quality on tap
  • Fully automatic 5hl copper brewhouse
  • Highest brewery in Europe at 2244m - with pressure boiling

Contact address

Karwendelbräu | Alpenkorpsstraße 1 | 82481 Mittenwald | Germany| +49- 8823 937676-67 | www.karwendelbahn.de