Paulaner Bräuhaus Beijing


In the late 1980s Caspary started planning its first pub brewery in China. At that time China was not as far developed as it is today. The brewery was outside of the city and roads were dominated by bicycles. The first Chinese pub brewery was to be a Paulaner Bräuhaus located in the Kempinski Lufthansa Center Beijing. Caspary was responsible for both the planning of the brewery and the interior design. A number of approvals had to be obtained and a sustainable concept for foreigners and Chinese developed with Paulaner. A lot of thought also went into how to integrate the brewery seamlessly into the 5-star Kempinski Hotel. The Caspary concept was a great success from the very beginning: from the very first day onwards and right through to today the pub is completely booked out, and although it is relatively small its sells 2,000 hl of beer year-in, year-out. This success paved the way for a continuously growing chain of Paulaner Bräuhaus installations throughout the country and has established the Paulaner and Caspary brands in China.

Scope of performance.

  • first pub brewery in China - 1992
  • 10 hl brewhouse in copper version
  • tanklayout: open fermentation, designed for 2.000hl yearly capacity
  • turn Key - transport, mounting & commissioning
  • planning and interior design of the restaurant from Caspary

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