Mont Hardi


What comes to mind when you think of France? Right – young dynamic brewers who dare to try something new.
The company is very successful with its V&B businesses, in which it offers wine and beer. Always in combination with a small bar. So what could be more natural than brewing and offering its own beer?
Traditionally-minded, but nevertheless willing to try something new. Always keeping an eye on the best raw materials and system technology, that combines all these wishes.
The system is equipped with a fully-automatic, 20 hl stainless steel brewhouse. The whirlpool and hot water tank are combined and located next to the brewhouse. The cellar area is designed as a CCT cellar and has a system for dry hopping. Pressure tanks are available for the finished beer, with which the beer can be carbonised before it goes to the bottling line where it is filled into bottles or cans.
Thanks to the great success of the concept, CASPARY was commissioned with a second tank expansion and still no end in sight yet. The new brewhouse expansion is already in the planning.

Scope of performance

  • 20 hl stainless steel brewhouse
  • Dry hopping system
  • Fully-automatic control of the entire system
  • Cold water tank & combined hot water tank and whirlpool
  • Steam generator, cooling system and air compressor
  • Bottling line for bottles and cans
  • Turnkey project from planning through to commissioningubbrewery
  • Cylindroconical fermentation and storage tanks from 20 hl to 60 hl with additional opening for adding hops or spices
  • Delivery and mounting of the complete brewery with all aggregates

Mont Hardi | 2 Rue de la Roberderie | 53200 Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne | Frankreich | |Tel.: +33 6 08 61 71 57

Emmanuel Bouvet

Président du groupe V and B

"From the very outset Caspary's response to our very individual requirements with regard to many different beer styles and a permanently high innovation rate was exemplary. The engineering was created specifically for our needs and unterwent several flexible readjustments.

The brewing installations have been operating with absolute reliability since commissioning. The service and system expansions are tailored perfectly in line with our needs. Caspary proved a punctilious partner at all times. We would certainly recommend Caspary to anyone instersted in realising a brewery."