BIO - Braumanufaktur


The BIO Brewery - Braumanufaktur Schmilka is part of the Bio- und Nationalpark Refugium of Schmilka. Priority is given to sustainability, environmental compatibility and quality by the operators. After the opening of various bio-certified enterprises, such as an organic hotel and a bakery with its own historic mill, it was decided to expand the offer for guests visiting Schmilka to include an organic brewery.

The key factors decisive for the choice of the brewery manufacturer were energy efficiency, the quality of the installations and the lay out design that would allow the brewing of traditional, high-quality organic beers.

After an intensive market analysis and a comparison of other offers, the operator decided on Caspary. Together we planned the brewery keeping a close eye on efficiency and the environment in every detail.

The flood of the century led to the brewery being opened in 2014 without its planned pub, but the beers sales were nevertheless higher than expected in the best business case. The beer is sold in the region and plans on how to expand the brewery were already being made just six months later, because the success of the good beer meant the brewery was working at 100% capacity.

Our congratulations on the good Schmilka Mühlenbier!

Scope of performance

  • 10 hl brewhouse
  • 1.500 hl yearly capacity
  • copper version
  • embedding the brewery in historical surroundings
  • planning & implementation in line with the requirements of environmental protection, energy efficiency and organic beer
  • turnkey – including installation, commissioning & joint first brew

Contact address

Bio-Braumanufaktur | Schmilka 36 | 01814 Bad Schandau 6 | Deutschland 
tel: +49-35022-92230 |