Birreria Pedavena "Lags"


Italy is actually the wine country. But what the Italians drink the most, for example, to a Pizza: A good fresh beer. Italians are gourmets and apreciate quality when eating and drinking. When the Birreria Pedavena was planned, it was clear: they wanted to bring a unique experience on the southern edge of the Alps. Caspary advised in concept development, was responsible for the interior design and built the brewery in high German quality. Craft beers are also trend in Italy. For this reason, the German Brewmaster brews not only traditional German beers, but completes the portfolio with fresh specialties. With this concept, the Birreria Pedavena has been operating successfully for over 10 years and is a jewel in Trento.


scope of performance.

  • Turn Key: complete brewery, transport, mounting and commissioning
  • 20 hl brewhouse in coppercladding
  • Tanklayout: open fermentation with a yearly capacity of 4.000 hl
  • Interior design from Caspary

Contact address

Birreria Pedavena | Piazza Fiera, 13 | Tel.: +39-0461-986255