Gent, Belgium

Ghent deserves its own beer - a beer from Ghent for Ghent. With this vision in mind, Alain de Laet, CEO of Brouwerij Huyghe, founded the Artefelder brewery. He chose a central location in Ghent and built a modern, high-quality brewery there. Named after Jacob van Artevelde (1290-1345), a cloth merchant, popular leader and statesman from Ghent, the Artefelde brand reflects the spirit of its namesake.
Jacob van Artevelde was a man of inspiring vision, and so Artefelde beer bears this character: open the mind, taste life.

performance spectrum

  • fully-automatic malt milling for up to 400 kg of malt grist per brew   
  • cylindro-conical tanks with special cooling management for an annual capacity of up to 1.800 hl
  • fully-automatic 10 hl copper brewhouse with glass manholes
  • turnkey: complete brewery, installation & commissioning

Contact address

ARTEVELDE STADSBROUWERIJ | Botermarkt 5 | 9000 Gent

Belgien | +32 475 94 37 99 |