Brouwerij Haeseveld

Ghent, Belgium

The historical building located on the outskirts of Ghent was still home to the most modern horticultural company of the time in 1910. However, in 2019 a unique event location with integrated specialiity brewery was created here by the entrepreneur family De Gusseme together with the brewery Huyghe (famous for its pink elephant). This explains a part of its motto “Great Taste, Lots Of Stories”.
We took care of the “Great Taste" part in close cooperation with the master brewer of Huyghe brewery. The demands linked with the special brewing and fermentation methods of Belgian beer specialities presented no problems for Caspary and its brewing technology. A special fully-automatic malt handling system was supplied, for example, and an especially wide lauter tun, so the strongest beers could be brewed with no loss of time. This means that all beers, from the classic Premium Pilsner through to the Ultra Strong Blond, a Belgian quadruple with 21% original wort, can be brewed directly on site. An especially gentle beer cooling system was realised for the fermentation process, to ensure the best conditions for the special yeasts at all times.  
In order to give the guests a better understanding of the art of brewing, the system was constructed in such a way that glass manholes in both the copper brewhouse and the fermentation tanks offer a glimpse of every step in the production of beer.

performance spectrum

  • fully-automatic malt milling for up to 600 kg of malt grist per brew   
  • cylindro-conical tanks with special cooling management for an annual capacity of up to 4.000 hl
  • fully-automatic 20 hl copper brewhouse with glass manholes
  • turnkey: complete brewery, installation & commissioning

Contact address

Brouwerij Haeseveld| Alfons Braeckmanlaan 430 | 9040 Ghent
Belgium | +32-493-768916 |