Devil's Door


The investor Shinsegae left nothing to chance and looked for the perfect place for his brewpub. Mr. Caspary traveled to Korea and discussed with the investor, the architect and the brewmaster the concept and important aspects of interior design. With a good feeling Caspary started the project. Following the joint layout planning, transportation, assembly and the first beer brewed together everyone was convinced that this concept will be a highlight in Asia over the long term. Is still remarkable that Caspary built not only the first brewpub in Korea but also influenced the legislation of smaller breweries. Therefore Caspary has not only knowledge of the Korean market, but also on the laws and customs processing.

Scope of performance

  • Counseling and layout planning
  • 10 hl brewhouse with copper cladding
  • Brewhouse fully automated 
  • Cylindroconical tanks for 2.000 hl
  • Turn-Key: complete brewery, transport, mounting and commissioning

Contact address

서울 서초구 반포동 | 118-2. 118-2 Banpo-dong | Seocho-gu | Seoul | South Korea
Call: 02-6282-4466