Goose Island Brewhouse


While the craft beer market was on the rise, the AB InBev Group decided to offer its customers unique beers locally in certain cities. The demand placed on quality and visual impact is high for these flagship stores. After extensive market research AB InBev finally chose the brewery manufacturer Caspary for its project.  
So it was that Caspary supplied the brewery for Goose Island, a subsidiary of AB InBev, in Korea’s capital city.
Not only can the people of South Korea now enjoy the award-winning and internationally popular craft beers from Goose Island’s home town of Chicago, they can also look forward to the new creations of their local master brewer. The Mango Pang Pang, for example, that was awarded the European Beer Star in Gold in 2020. It is a pleasure for us that our versatile brewery provides the means for the creative minds to give full rein to their brewing passion.
The architecture of the building is also unique. The brewery encompasses a complete side of the multi-storey building made of glass and chrome and is visible from both inside and out. So even from the outside, the promise of quality emanating from the high-grade workmanship of the Caspary brewery is apparent to connoisseurs, who can then enjoy its correspondingly high-quality beers.

Scope of performance

  • 3-vessel 10hl stainless-steel brew house
  • Semi-automatic brew house
  • Cylindroconical fermentation and storage tanks plus bright beer and serving tanks
  • Piping installation to ensure quality and consistent design

Contact address

Goose Island Brewhouse Seoul | 118 Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu | Seoul, Republic of Korea | +82-02-6205-1785 |