Keller Holz Brauerei


The Kellers brewery has been producing beer on the Moldovan market since 1997. Attracting investments from the Austrian company Holz created a new unified brand - Keller Holz, and made it possible not only to modernize the existing plant, but to build a new brewery located in a separate building and equipped with the most modern equipment from Caspary. The 20 hl brewhouse has 5 vessels and full automation, giving the brewer maximum flexibility. On the one hand, the volume of one batch of beer can be 20 hl, and on the other hand, up to 8 brews can be produced per day.

The Keller Holz brewery is equipped with several interesting features such as Caspary's dry hopping system, the latest beer filtration cross-flow filter, and fully automated CCT control, including even pressure regulation. The new plant allowed Keller Holz to quickly take a leading position in the craft beer market of Moldova.

Modern equipment and technologies have given impetus to a significant expansion of the range. Now a variety of beer styles are produced here: Munich Helles, Kellerbier, Weissbier, Pilsner, Stout, Belgian Blond, IPA, APA, Kölsch, Raspberry Kölsch, Vienna Lager, Oktoberfest, Cherry Blond, West Coast DIPA, Brut IPA, Imperial Stout, Porter, Tripel. Beer is sold in the flagship gastropub Keller Holz, branded beer boutiques and the Würst fast food chain.

Scope of performance.

  • development of the building concept for optimum brewing and filling logistics
  • brewing volumes in 24 hours: 120-240 hl
  • annual sales of 20,000 hl
  • with KEG and bottle filling
  • turnkey system complete with all units, installation and commissioning
  • cross Flow Filter

Contact address

Keller Holz Privatbrauerei | s. Budesti, str. Traian 1/2, MD-4814 |
Moldova | phone: +373 - 78 303 008 | www.kellerholz.md

Alexandru Sava

General Manager of the Keller Holz Brewery

"Our company was looking for a reliable partner to fulfill the dream of investors - opening a modern brewery in Moldova, capable of producing both classic and craft styles of beer of the best quality.
We found such a partner in the face of Caspary, which carried out a turnkey project for us: from the development of plant drawings to the brewing of the first batches of beer. We were satisfied with the cooperation and see that the opening of a new Keller Holz production was a breakthrough for Moldovan brewing".