Ootmarsummer Bierbrouwerij Heupink & Co


The Heupinks are a family with a zest for action. Whatever they do, they do properly. This was the case with the tobacco factory that was owned by the family for generations, as it was with Heupink senior’s passion for collecting and restoring old machines and tractors and his son Dirk Heupink carries on in exactly the same tradition with his fondness for beers brewed in compliance with German Purity Laws. No surprise then that the Heupinks were not satisfied with the small system with which they first started brewing beer, but instead had the vision of a 20 hl brewery with bottling facility. But that is not all, they were determined to offer their guests something really unusual, which is why an eatery and a very special tractor / vintage car museum was added next to the brewery. So the Heupink family have now created a first class brewery with bottling facility in Ootmarsum in addition to all there other passions.

Scope of performance.

  • 20 hl brewhouse in copper version
  • tanklayout: open fermenting; 4.000hl yearly capacity
  • with KEG filling & cleaning to deliver further gastronomies
  • turn key - with transport, complete mounting and commissioning

Contact address

Ootmarsummer Bierbrouwerij | Commanderiestraat 6 | 7631 EA Ootmarsum | Netherlands

| http://www.othmarbier.nl/ | Phone +31541760808