Hope Beer


The ability of the Irish to hold their drink is almost proverbial and even if this is a cliché many Irish certainly appreciate a good pint of ale. But it no longer has to be only ale that fills their glasses. Craft beer has meanwhile become a fixture in Ireland´s capital and one brewery that has made a significant contribution in this respect is HOPE BEER in the north of Dublin.

Equipped with a modern, CASPARY stainless steel brewhouse and a whole series of 20 and 40-hl Caspary CCTs the depths and shallows of modern beer brewing are sounded out here in order to fill the pint glasses of the Irish with crazy creations as well as classic types of beer.

Constructing a fully automatic turnkey brewery in Hope´s industrial building that met the high standard of quality demanded by Caspary while at the same time constituting a visual showpiece was no mean challenge. We think it an outstanding success and pictures of the brewery speak for themselves. 

Scope of performance

  • 20 hl brewhouse
  • 5000 hl yearly capacity
  • stainless steel version
  • turnkey – including installation, commissioning & joint first brew

Contact address

Hope Beer | Unit 1 Howth Junction Business Park | Killbarack Road, Killbarack, Dublin, D05H2K2 | Irland