St. Petersburg - Russia

In the year 2012 the operator of the brewery restaurant Karl & Friedrich replaced its brewery with a new one from Caspary. Since then sales have gone up continuously, with the success encouraging the operators of Karl & Friederich to plan and build an independent event restaurant in 2018 - the Alpenhaus - to complement the main brewery restaurant. The Alpenhaus is a new building with seating for 1,100 guests. The size and seating are reminiscent of a beer tent at the Munich Oktoberfest. The design and style of the Alpenhaus are similar to that of an Alpine hut in Bavaria or Austria. The Alpenhaus is used for events and shows. Football fans, for example, from the nearby WM stadium, also known as the Zenit stadium, come here after a game to celebrate. From the very first day onwards the Alpenhaus captivated the hearts of the people of St. Peterburg. The Alpenhaus beer is brewed in the Karl and Friederich brewhouse in night shifts. The beer is then fermented and stored in the new fermentation cellar in the Alpenhaus.
This new Alpenhaus is geared towards a new guest segment: people who always enjoy a good beer. 

Scope of performance.

  • Expansion of the 10hl Karl & Friedrich brewery via a 50 meter external connection

  • 3 new 30 hl cylindroconical tanks and 3 new 40 hl cylindroconical tanks 10 hl brewhouse

  • Another 3 20 hl draft tanks 
  • Two cooling systems

Contact address

Alpenhaus | South Road 17 | St. Petersburg |
Russia | +7 (812) 633-00-88 |