Karl & Friedrich

St. Petersburg

As Michael Feiglman and his partner took over the "Karl & Friedrich" it was operated via a so-called "economical" brewery. High maintenance costs, standstills in production and inadequate beer quality in the peak season were what prompted the decision to invest in the quality of system. The changeover of the brewery was planned in the year 2011 and the new Caspary brewery was put into operation in 2012. In the very first year the investment paid off with a significantly higher turnover than expected. More tanks were ordered in 2013 to cope with the ever increasing demand. The brewery continues to expand right up to the present day, so the operators are considering another expansion. This can be realised without any problem at all, thanks to the basic layout of the Caspary brewery. A fact that pleases us enormously: brewmaster Alexey Chernish is so convinced by the new beer quality that he is now working for Caspary in addition to his work in the brewery, lending us his support to promote this concept of success throughout Russia.


Scope of performance.

  • positioning of the brewery with respect to brewing technology and show/experience
  • highest quality copper version for brewhouse and dispensing tanks
  • 10 hl brewhouse
  • open fermentation
  • turnkey system complete with all units, installation and commissioning
  • tank expansion

Contact address

Karl & Friedrich | Yugnaya doroga 15 | St. Petersburg |
Russland | +7 (812) 320-79-78 | www.k-f.ru

Michael Feigelman

Owner & Operator

Caspary is one of the best manufacturers of restaurant breweries in the world.
The brewery is a very beautiful building, which really attracts guests.
The volume of our brewhouse is now twice what it was before and the annual output of beer sold since the opening of the new brewery has increased by 70%. The brewery paid for itself within the first 2 years of operation.
Caspary is the Mercedes of the brewery world.