St. Petersburg

The Brüdazz Brewery from St. Petersburg, Russia followed the usual path of many craft breweries from contracting brewer to the use of its own small brewery and on to become a high-quality industrial brewery for over 100 hl a day.

The decision to invest in the industrial brewery was taken as the Customer already had its own beers on the market, these included types such as KISSIN'...(Lager), ... AND TWISTIN' (Hefeweizen), AMERICAN ILLUSION (APA), WHITE ILLUSION (IPA), MILKY DREAMS (Milk Stout), BACK TO BLACK (Porter).

The investors decided on a 30 hl brewery with a parallel brewing operation that would guarantee consistent high quality, a high level of flexibility with regard to the types of beer and potential for a subsequent increase in production. It was important for them to ensure special technical solutions for craft beer types. The brewhouse was therefore designed in such a way that the cooled wort is fed back into the mash tun after the heat exchanger in order to produce beer using the Kettle Sour Method, e.g. for the Berliner Weisse (types: TRANSFORMATION, LAZY WEEKEND, KEEP SMILING), Gose (OVERDOSE OF JOY), Sour IPA (COOL RASTA).

For some beers that require a really extreme hopping rate, the extra wide whirlpool was equipped additionally with three outlets on different levels and two hop sieves on the rear, to collect the wort and prevent any residues entering the wort cooler.

And of course, the customer had special demands on the design of the lauter tun: as strong types of beer with high Plato ratios are produced, the width, load capacity of the false bottom and the height of the raking machine had to be adapted to the customer requirements. This is possible with a special one-off production in compliance with customer specifications.

In addition to the many different types of beer and high productivity, the concept also focussed on the question of personnel expenses. In order to reduce personnel costs as well as the work load of the brewer, the brewhouse is fully automatic, from the malt mill with malt transport to the processes of the brewhouse including transport of the spent grains into the silo and right through to wort cooling, hot and cold water management and the CIP unit. The turnkey project also includes another CIP unit for the fermentation cellar, a yeast propagator for 10 hl plus all other necessary machines (e.g. glycol system with iced water tank, compressor and steam generator). This enables flexible brewing of several different beers while at the same time ensuring low personnel expenses and consistent high quality.

After conducting a detailed market survey the company Caspary was commissioned to meet these numerous specifications. So it was that the concept and launch of the Brüdazz brewery came about; a brewery intended to meet the rapidly growing craft beer market in Saint Petersburg, the “beer capital of Russia”.

Not only can this brewery meet the current high demand on quality to the full, it also constitutes a stable base for all future developments of the Brüdazz Brewery.

Scope of supply

  • automated malt handling
  • 30 hl brewhouse Full Automatizated
  • "sour kettle"
  • wide lauter-tun; three outlets from whirlpool;
    double hop strainer
  • yeast propagator & yeast utilization tank
  • cold and hot water tanks
  •  cooling system, steam generator, air compressor ...
  • automated 4-vessels CIP station
  • turn Key: complete brewery, mounting & commissioning

Contact address

Lagolovo | Industrial Zone Yuzhnaya, 5 | Leningrad area | Russia