Chester Brewery


The Chester Family Group that unites various projects in the HoReCa segment under its brand name is a leading light in the Brjansk gastronomy and hotel scene and is now also expanding outside of the region.

Its chef Semyon Kolesnikov, winner of Russian television’s culinary competition “Hell’s Kitchen”, creates a dedicated style and gastronomic concept for each of the restaurants in the group: seafood (Ikra), beer kitchen with a sophisticated atmosphere (Chester Pub), Concert Hall & Beer & Karaoke (Fabrika), modern variants of dishes cooked in a traditional Russian oven (Debri).

In view of such a diverse range of services, the customer wished to purchase a brewery that would be able to supply the different projects with their own individual beer styles in line with the concept of the respective restaurant.

Caspary drew on its many years of experience in the implementation of such projects to create a multi-functional brewery that together with the customer’s unique building leaves no visitor indifferent. In addition to the installation of an extendable 20 hl craft brewery designed for 6 brews a day, the entire cellar area was also equipped with 20 hl and 40 hl CCTs, dispensing tanks, a pressure tank and all the necessary accessories, e.g. air compressor and cooling system. A keg filling and cleaning system was supplied for the finished beer and the necessary bottle filling for bottled beer production. Caspary accompanied the project throughout the planning and design phases and was successful in uniting industrial production, an attractive restaurant and a functional business under one roof.
At the opening of the new craft brewery we were confronted with the challenge of not only starting with the production of high-quality beers, but also combining the production of classic German beers such as Pilsner, Helles and Weißbier beer with the most popular styles of the new craft beers. To achieve this Caspary sent an experienced master brewer as an extended service after commissioning, who successfully overcame the task by spending a month with the local brewers with whom he shared his skills derived from many years of brewing experience.

The Chester Brewery finally started operating at the end of 2020, supplying not only the restaurants of the Chester Family Group with an unforgettable bier, but another two projects directly adjacent to the brewery as well – a grill bar and beer store.
The results were overwhelming! On the first weekend alone just one shop in the brewery sold over 30 hl of beer.

The premises of the Chester Brewery, built on an empty field outside of the city was given the official address: Brauereistraße, Haus 1.
We are convinced that this is exactly the right address for the most prominent brewery in the region of Brjansk!

Scope of supply

  • automated malt treatment
  • 20 hl brewhouse - craftline
  • automated water managment
  • 20hl & 40 hl CCTs and bright beer tanks
  • machine room equipment (steam, cooling, compressed air...)
  • KEG and bottle filling
  • turn Key: complete brewery, mounting & commissioning
  • complete planing of the building (from the green field to the perfect brewery, including shop and tasting room)

Contact address

Chester Brewery | Michurinsky village | Pivovarennaya St. 1| Bryansk | Russia