The family that owns the Jägerhof Brewery visited Caspary in the year 2012. The reciprocal appreciation of the technical expertise and fair and professional working practices of the parties soon became apparent. This resulted in Caspary being commissioned with the realisation of the desired brewery as well as the planning of the layout for the interior design. The opening proved a great success and the brewery has been running at the limit of tank capacity ever since. This success is due not only to the excellent beer that is brewed, but the professional operation of the gastronomic establishment as well. Continuously good sales have led to the planned expansion of the brewery in summer 2015, when another 20 hl CCT tank will be installed.

performance spectrum

  • 10 hl brewhouse
  • 1.400 hl yearly capacity
  • copper version
  • Turnkey - with assembling, commissioing and first brews together

Contact address

Jägerhof | 4 Saedinenie | 4023 Plovdiv | Bulgaria 
tel: +359 88 520 6666 | www.jagerhof.bg