Jägerhof Production Brewery


The JÄGERHOF breweries in Zhitnitsa near Plovdiv are just one of the many success stories that originated with a small CASPARY brewery.

The owner of the Jägerhof has a soft spot for eating and drinking well. No wonder, as he earned his living with a butchery business that produced excellent sausages and other meaty delicacies. Perhaps that is why he has a weakness for German, and in particular, Bavarian culture. So the idea of opening a Bavarian guesthouse with a microbrewery near Plovdiv was not so very far off the mark.

He placed great importance on a good concept, a high quality facility and simple handling, so it was quickly apparent that it had to be a CASPARY brewery. In a nutshell, Jägerhof was an overwhelming success and the brewery operated at full capacity from the very first day onwards.

3 years later and after several tank expansions it became clear that a larger brewery for bottling and kegs was needed in order to meet the unabated strong demand from trade customers. A wonderful task for CASPARY GmbH. Caspary set about planning the building, the brewery and the associated logistics on a greenfield site – perfect ergonomics, top space utilisation, a high level of automation, an automatic filling system - all add up to make brewing beer great fun.

And would you believe it, this brewery was also very quickly operating at its limits and the first additional tanks have already been installed…

One nice detail worth mentioning: the owner of the Jägerhof approached us with a request for a professional bread oven.  It goes without saying that we fulfilled his wish by contacting a baker master friend to help choose a top device, which we then promptly delivered.

Scope of supply

  • 20 hl fully automated stainless steel brewhouse
  • cylindroconical tanks for an yearly capacity of 10.000 hl 
  • Turn Key: complete brewery, mounting & commissioing
  • Conceptual Layout of the building
  • Bottle filling line
  • and as extra: Professional bakery oven

Contact address

Jägerhof | ul. Saedinenie No4 | 4023 Plovdiv | Bulgarien
tel. +359 32 588 488 | www.jagerhof.bg