Fürstenberg Brauwerk


The Fürstenberg Brauwerk reinterprets traditional recipes handed down over generations – true to its motto “brewed with passion".

Craftsmanship, selected local raw materials and a great deal of passion – these are the ingredients from which the experienced brewmasters create the specialities of the “Fürsten Bräu” edition. A unique taste experience.

Just 1283 bottles are filled per beer type and each label is signed personally by the responsible brewmaster: a unique specimen of the best art of brewing. That is why the Fürstenberg speciality brews are only available from a few selected shops or directly from the brewery itself.

The Fürstenberg brewery decided on Caspary for its speciality brewery. A big thank you for the fantastic project and our congratulations on the excellent beers in the very special “Brauwerk”.

A toast to the art of brewing!

Scope of performance

  • 2,5-5 hl brewhouse
  • high-quality stainless steel installations 
  • Support with embedding the brewery into the technological and marketing concept of the mother brewery.
  • turnkey – including installation, commissioning & joint first brew
  • layout for specialty beers

contact address

Fürstlich Fürstenbergische Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG
Postplatz 1-4  | 78166 Donaueschingen  | Deutschland

Video: The brewery during construction

Time lapse video showing the conversion of the building, delivery of the brewery and installation of the Brauwerk.