Paulaner Bräuhaus Vladivostok


For many years now "VOO Projekt" has been operating several establishments, from high-class Japanese restaurants to bars and discotheques. But there was one thing missing in its successful portfolio -
a pub brewery to bring Bavarian atmosphere and best beer to Vladivostok. The decision was made in favour of the brewery manufacturer Caspary, due to its all-round service and quality. We also helped VOO Projekt with its wish to find a strong German beer brand as a partner by initiating contact with Paulaner. The Paulaner Bräuhaus in Vladivostok has a lot to offer: original Bavarian ambience, premium fresh beer, outstanding Bavarian cuisine, excellent service and most especially lots of events and a great atmosphere. Other joint projects are in the pipeline thanks to the great success of the brewery.

Scope of performance.

  • 20 hl brewhouse in copper version
  • tanklayout: open fermenting; 4.000hl yearly capacity
  • with KEG filling & cleaning to deliver further gastronomies in Vladivostok
  • turn Key - with transport, complete mounting and commissioning

Contact address

Vladivostok | Fontannaya 2 | Фонтанная 2 | 690091 Vladivostok | 690091 Владивосток 

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