Burgdorfer Brauerei


To start with the Brewery did not have a brewery from the brewery manufacturer Caspary. However, as time went by the demands on quality rose - firstly due to the quality-orientated strategy of the management and secondly as a result of its going public and local inhabitants buying shares in the new company. To meet these changing demands on quality, more and more parts of the brewery (e.g. tanks) were replaced with brewery equipment from Caspary. The premises slowly became too small, so the brewery moved into the Kornhaus in Burgdorf in 2013. As part of the move the investors had the entire brewery expanded and modernised. The choice was made in favour of our brewery equipment thanks to the positive experience they had made with the brewery manufacturer Caspary. Turnover is increasing continuously and the people in the region love drinking the quality beer brewed in the neighbourhood.

Scope of performance.

  • malt handling with silos
  • turn Key - with monting and commissioning
  • 30 hl brewhouse
  • bottles and KEG filling
  • Fully automatic - from malt handling, the brewhouse and on to include wort cooling, the CIP system and fermentation temperature control

Contact address

Burgdorfer Brauerei AG | Kornhausgasse 16 | Postfach 1085 | 3401 Burgdorf | Schweitz
Tel. +41 34 423 13 64 | Fax +41 34 423 13 63 | www.burgdorferbier.ch

The Burgdorfer Brewery offers a Virtual Tour through the brewery that includes the brewhouse, cellar and on right through to filling – have fun!